Taxes 2022: who can benefit from a payment delay?

You can request additional time to pay your taxes if you have cash flow difficulties. In the event of dispute of the claimed tax, you can ask for a deferment of payment.

Several tax deadlines await you when you return from vacation: in September your income tax balance, in October your property tax, and in November your housing tax. If you do not pay them within the legal deadlines, you will be liable to a 10% surcharge.

Unless you have obtained a deferral of your debt.Respond as soon as possible

As soon as you receive your tax notice, if you are experiencing financial difficulties, request a payment extension from your public finance center by mail or email. Your request must specify the nature of your difficulties, propose a payment schedule and be accompanied by supporting documents (salary slips, rents, utility bills, “Payment difficulties” form no. 4805-SD, etc.). It is better to react quickly because if you do not get an answer before the payment deadline, you will not be exempted from paying what you owe on time.

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