Nel ASA share: Further risks – take a close look now!

For three days in a row, Nel ASA shares unsuccessfully tried to break through the NOK technical chart barrier of 18.86/18.97. Friday’s failure was a clear consequence. Positive for Norwegian Hydrogen stock: Its share price rose rapidly, rising again to NOK 17.65 and ending up trading at NOK 18.13 on the Oslo Stock Exchange. Tradegate currently reports a share price of Nel ASA at €1,6 3, (WKN: A0B733, ISIN: NO0010081235, Chart), which is equivalent to NOK 17.82. Hydrogen stocks face a weak start to the week. As a result, the technical support zone between NOK 17. 0/17. 5 and NOK 17.61/17.65 could be targeted again. This remains the case: pro-cyclical selling signals at these levels and then a rise to around NOK 16.80 / 17.10 would reinforce the gains of Nels shares. At the latest, below 15.65 in NOK would be strong support on the downside. However, if the hydrogen ratio rises again, a possible further test of the 18.86/18.97 resistance zone will require NOK. Important: Since mid-October 2022, the sharp upward movement that had a decisive impact on Neli’s share price remains unchanged. Further buy signals at 19 marks could then push Neli’s share price to NOK 20 and NOK 21. 5 marks. Table technical data per Nel ASA share: Last share price: NOK 18,130 (Exchange: Euronext Oslo) Bollinger Bands 20 (below / above): NOK 1 ,908 / NOK 18,976 EMA 20 0 EMA 20 0 EMA

Steve Walker

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