CureVac share: Strength looks different…

CureVac’s latest capital raise „destroyed” the meanwhile brightened sentiment on biotech stocks. The issue of new shares has significantly depressed the share price of the Tübingen company in recent days. CureVac shares fell to $8.7 from the recovery in 2023 of $12. 8/$12.79. The paper has been trading in a wider range in the $9 range for several days now. The NASDAQ closed yesterday at $8.86, again below the $9.25 at which the new shares were priced for investors. On the chart, shares of CureVac (WKN: A2P71U , ISIN: NL0015 36031 , Chart ) have seen support around $8.7 / $8.78 in recent days. But it remains to be seen whether the pressure will disappear from the biotech warehouse. The funding shows that CureVac itself does not have much faith in the recent growth in raising capital. CureVac’s share price has little support in the $8.7 / $8.78 to $8.55 $8.65 range. Add to that $8.25 / $8.37 and the bottom of the gap to $8.26 combined as stronger supports. Overall, the share price of the Tübingen company is currently supportive.

Steve Walker

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