Bayer shares after Baumann’s exit: what’s next?

In the stock market, investors „celebrated” the immediate „exit” of Bayer boss Werner Baumann. A highly controversial CEO due to the Monsanto deal, among others, is taking early retirement to make way for a new CEO Bill Anderson – we announce. By the end of XETRA trading on Wednesday, Bayer’s share price had risen more than 6 percent on the day. It exited the market at €62. 9 and is currently at €62.89. Tradegate’s DAX value is currently 62.76 euros. The situation calmed down after yesterday’s Bayer news. Huge technical buy signals remain from the last three trading days, which saw shares of Bayer (WKN: BAY001, ISIN: DE000BAY0017, Chart) rise from €56.11 to yesterday’s intraday high. Striking: even two days before the news of the change of the CEO, things went faster. It was the second sharp rally in Bayer’s share price since the start of 2023. Overall, the share rose from 8.33 euros to 62.89 euros since the end of 2022.

Steve Walker

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