Petersburg leading enterprises lack 10,000 engineers

A project of advanced engineering schools at the city’s universities has been launched in St. Petersburg, Deputy Governor Vladimir Knyaginin told reporters on Thursday. He noted that the leading enterprises of the city lack ten thousand engineers.

The project is being implemented within the framework of the national project „Science and University”.

„It includes two programs: 2030 is the selection of leading research universities in order to fix the leading positions in the sectoral production of the country’s universities, in St. Petersburg, 11 universities entered the program. The second project is advanced engineering schools at universities. The project has been signed, we are waiting for funding,” he said. Knyaginin.

He added that in St. Petersburg the project will be implemented at the Polytechnic, Marine Technical Universities and ITMO.

“At the beginning of the year, there was an unclosed deficit of 10,000 people for leading enterprises. The main focus of the project is on advanced technical solutions. The way engineers are trained is changing. It’s not about a grant for the university as a whole, but about engineering schools. We are starting to influence the whole country, we are a knot connecting the regions. We have 270,000 applications from potential students for the new educational programs of the project,” the Vice Governor said.

Rector of the St. Petersburg State Marine Technical University Gleb Turichin emphasized that St. Petersburg is the brain and heart of the domestic shipbuilding industry. “This is an opportunity to create an elite training for shipbuilders inside the shipbuilder. Previously, we could not afford this, as it is expensive. Now we can spend 2 million rubles a year on one irradiated person. Five new master’s programs have been prepared,” the rector explained.

According to him, the university will train designers. They will come up with new projects for ships and nuclear submarines. In addition, the engineering school will train technologists. Classes will begin in September and will be held, including at factories.

„There is a very big shortage of modern qualified engineering personnel. We are preparing 70% of the need. 30% is not closed across the country,” Turichin complained.

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