The EU will announce and approve a new package of sanctions against Russia within a week

Within a week, the EU plans to announce and approve the next – the seventh package of anti-Russian sanctions, which may include a ban on the import of gold from Russia, the Euractiv portal, a resource close to EU institutions, reports with reference to EU diplomats.

According to diplomats, EU permanent representatives will hold meetings on July 14 and 15 to prepare for the imposition of sanctions. Sources noted that they could probably be approved by the middle of next week.

Some interlocutors of Euractiv said that the new sanctions will include expanding the list of dual-use goods banned from export to Russia. In addition, more individuals and legal entities associated with the leadership of Russia are going to be included in the sanctions lists.

On July 1, Bloomberg , citing sources, reported that the EU is studying the possibility of imposing a ban on the import of Russian gold into the EU. The agency noted that the EU plans coincide with the intentions of the G7 countries to reduce Moscow’s sources of income.

Bloomberg recalled that Russia is the second largest gold mining country in the world, and its gold exports in 2021 were estimated at 12.6 billion pounds.

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