British grid operator expects increase in energy imports in winter

In the coming winter, the UK will have to rely more on imported power sources to provide consumers with electricity, writes the Daily Telegraph, citing a report by the British energy system operator National Grid.

The operator is waiting for „difficult times” even with an increase in imports since December, if Russia stops gas supplies to Europe.

Bloomberg specifies that the UK will have to rely on electricity imports for its power cables from France, Norway, Belgium and the Netherlands. Experts told the agency that „dependence on the free flow of electricity from abroad this winter is a risky gamble, potentially putting the UK at risk of blackouts if Russia cuts off gas supplies.”

Only about 6% of UK gas imports come from Russia to the UK, „and this statistic has so far been used by the government to downplay the risks of supply cuts to the country’s energy system,” writes The Telegraph. According to the newspaper, the network operator’s warning „is the first time he has openly announced the threat of Moscow’s decision to limit fuel supplies.”

„Obviously, cutting off gas supplies to Europe could have side effects, including very high prices,” National Grid said in a statement. The operator noted that „at the busiest time, the price of electricity in the UK will be higher than in Europe,” according to Bloomberg.

Steve Walker

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