Purchasing power: kick-off of the debates in the Senate

Extension of the „Macron bonus”, increase in pensions and allowances … the Senate with a right-wing majority began on Thursday the examination of the first part of the measures in support of purchasing power, which Minister Bruno Le Maire wishes to contain at 20.7 billion euros.

The bill provides in particular for the tripling of up to 6,000 euros of the tax-free bonuses that companies can pay to their employees (extension until December 31, 2023 of the „Macron bonus”); a 4% increase in retirement pensions and several allowances (family, social minima) with retroactive effect from July 1, 2022; the deconjugalization of the handicapped adult allowance (AAH); as well as various measures to deal with the risks of energy shortages.

„Every euro counts,” warned the Minister of the Economy, wishing to limit the additional cost of Parliament’s contributions to the text to 700 million euros in total – half of which has already been committed to the National Assembly.

The amended draft budget, the second part of support for purchasing power, opens up 44 billion euros in credits, including 9.7 to finance the 100% renationalization of EDF.

He is expected in committee in the Senate on Thursday, then Monday in the hemicycle.

The two texts were voted on by the deputies Les Républicains, but Bruno Retailleau, leader of the LR senators, who have the majority in the High Assembly with the centrists, laid down his conditions, insisting in particular on „that work pays” .

Steve Walker

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