Wait for Powell’s Jackson Hole speech goes on. Asia Friday will bring some info at least.

On Friday during Asia time the Kansas City Federal Reserve branch will publish its schedule / agenda for the symposium it hosting for global central banks.

The schedule is expected at 7pm, or just after, Central US Time. That is 0000 GMT or thereabouts.

What we do know at present is that Federal Reserve Chair Powell is speaking on Friday:

  • Federal Reserve System Chair Powell will give the opening remarks on the economic outlook on Friday, August 26, at 10 am (Eastern US time, 1400 GMT).

Previews of what he’ll be saying:

  • While we await Federal Reserve Chair Powell speaking on Friday – preview
  • Morgan Stanley says Powell’s speech at Jackson Hole could be supportive of the USD

The Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City’s central bank symposium is at Jackson Hole is August 25-27.

Steve Walker

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