Peskov said that proper technological maintenance of Nord Stream is impossible

The Kremlin notes that the malfunctions that prevent the Nord Stream gas pipeline from operating at design capacity were recorded by Siemens, and emphasize that proper technological maintenance of the gas pipeline is now impossible.

„I propose to carefully re-read the statement of the President (Putin – IF) made in Tehran. He explained in absolutely detail how many compressor stations and what problems were recorded by Siemens, in connection with which a situation is occurring in which it is impossible to increase pressure by 100%, „said on Thursday, press secretary of the President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Peskov told reporters.

Thus, he commented on Berlin’s statement that the problems with the turbine at the moment are not the reason for the decrease in pumping through the Nord Stream.

As Peskov stressed, „these are technological reasons associated with the impossibility of proper technological maintenance (of the gas pipeline – IF)”.

He also noted that the Russian Federation categorically denies accusations of using the issue of gas supplies for political blackmail, and is ready to continue to ensure Europe’s energy security.

„The President in Tehran clearly said that Gazprom has fulfilled, is fulfilling and will fulfill all its obligations. And any technological difficulties that are associated with this stem from the restrictions that the European Union has introduced. It is they that do not allow equipment repairs „, Peskov stressed.

According to him, this applies to turbines operating at compression stations. „It is these restrictions that lead to the fact that some units cannot currently receive the necessary service,” the presidential spokesman said.

On Thursday, July 21, the Nord Stream gas pipeline resumed transporting gas from Russia to Germany after scheduled maintenance work.

Nord Stream is now capable of operating at 40% capacity (about 67 million cubic meters per day). This is due to the fact that one of the pipeline’s turbines did not return from a major overhaul at a plant in Montreal due to Canadian sanctions. In addition, at the Portovaya compressor station, the time between overhauls before overhaul and other engines has ended. Only two engines are currently operating at the facility. Soon one more gas pumping unit should be stopped due to the running time between overhauls.

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