GAM sees the low point of the year on the markets within the next two weeks

After this difficult period, David Dowsett (GAM Investments) should open opportunities in credit, high yield and currency markets, where the dollar could weaken in favor of non-US assets in the medium term. Find out about our latest news, articles and more! Follow us In September, only silver futures gave a positive return. A number that better than any other aspect shows the difficulties that investors face. Complications that encompassed the entire third quarter, during which, with the exception of the Brazilian stock market, activity was negative on all fronts. NEXT TWO VERY HUGE WEEKS A scenario whose fates seem unchangeable, at least in the short term. „The next couple of weeks could be very busy. Global liquidity is shrinking very quickly. It is true that the UK Gilts market was affected by strong political conditions last week, but this was an example of liquidity reduction,” said David Dowsett. , Chief Investment Officer of GAM Investments…

Steve Walker

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