Ethereum Forecast: September 2022

ETH/USD is trading within sight of where it began the month of August, this as its value raises questions among cryptocurrency speculators.

ETH/USD is trading within sight of the 1600.00 mark as of this writing; this sentence is closely aligned to last month’s start per its value. However the mood of speculators within Ethereum is likely different than it was when August was starting, compared to the sentiment in the cryptocurrency world which exists now. Experienced traders may say nothing is surprising in the digital asset sphere and they are largely correct, but technically ETH/USD is rather intriguing as September gets ready to begin and more drama is a certainty.

Having traded near a low around 1420.00 yesterday, a mark that had last been seen on the 27th of July, ETH/USD speculators likely became more anxious.  From a percentage standpoint the price change in ETH/USD when compared to BTC/USD has produced better results for Ethereum. On the 13th of July ETH/USD was trading within sight of 1000.00, and on the 14th of August the value of Ethereum was nearly 2028.00. A doubling of value is a rather excellent result if it can be accomplished in one month’s time.

Steve Walker

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