Dow Jones Forecast: Continues to Consolidate Ahead of Big Jobs Number

The general consensus is that there has been some hesitation in this market over the last two weeks as liquidity has been lost. After all, the market is on vacation and most traders were away from their desks. The Dow Jones Industrial Average bounced back and forth during Thursday’s trading as we hover around the 200-day EMA and the 33,000 level. There is still a lot of buzz activity in this market and I think we are in a position where we are ready to see a bigger move. Friday’s , jobs numbers show that many people are looking at it through the prism of whether the Federal Reserve needs to continue to tighten monetary policy or whether there is hope for a slowdown. Advertisement Stock Markets Crash Again Buy Dips Now! Looking at the chart, it is also worth noting that the market is currently trading above not only the 200-day EMA, but also the 50-day EMA series. It’s an area that should generate a lot of noise, and so I think we’re in a situation where we’re going to see a lot of movement. The chart shows that I have a rectangle and the 33,500 level looks like resistance, while the 32,500 level looks like support. Basically we trade in the area of ​​1000 pips. Market Makers Hesitant The general feeling is that this market has been hesitant for the past two weeks as liquidity has been lost. After all, the market is on holiday and most of the traders were away from their desks. I think a lot of it now comes down to whether the Fed sees enough heat in jobs to keep tightening. ADP employment numbers, due Thursday, suggest that may be the case. I think by the time we get to the end of the week, we might have a little more clarity on where we’re going long-term and get out of that box that I’ve drawn on the chart. can lead to a nice change of momentum. If we stay inside the rectangle, I guess we have more work to do. We are days away from a major change and I am taking advantage.

Steve Walker

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