AUD/USD Forecast: Continues to Build an Argument

Nonetheless, the overall attitude of markets around the world will continue to see this market is one that will be important, therefore a significant signal as to what’s going on in Asia. 

  • The AUD/USD has fallen a bit during the trading session on Thursday, but it looks as if it is trying to find some type of support near the 0.65 level.
  • At this point, I think that a little bit of a recovery does make a certain amount of sense, with the 0.67 level above being massive resistance.
  • Ultimately, I think that level is going to be very difficult to break above, and therefore it’s likely that the “market memory” comes into the picture as we had formed a bit of a “double bottom” in that area, and it is also an area that has been important multiple times.

Steve Walker

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