Agroholding „Kernel” will supply oil products and fertilizers to Ukraine

The Kernel agro-industrial group plans to start supplying oil products and fertilizers to Ukraine in order to overcome the shortage of resources for agricultural production in the country, said Igor Stelmashchuk, head of the Kernel commercial department.

“Together with partners, we will be able to establish long-term systematic work in the processes of production and supply of fertilizers. And in the future we will build a powerful diversified mechanism for providing Ukraine with oil products, we will meet the needs of agricultural enterprises in fuel on a planned and cyclical basis,” Stelmashchuk said on the group’s page on the social network.

According to him, now Kernel is exchanging experience and ideas with key players in the global oil products market.

„We decided on the urgent problems of a resource, logistics and infrastructure nature. We assessed the risks and trends in the fuel market. The country’s future annual demand for diesel fuel is estimated at 4 million tons, so Ukrainian consumers need to establish cooperation with Europe right now,” Stelmashchuk said.

According to him, Ukraine is forced to replace the sources of supplies of oil products, which is what Kernel plans to do.

In addition, the agricultural holding is working on projects to provide the agricultural sector with mineral fertilizers, logistics services and transshipment in ports. Kernel signed the first contracts for the supply of fertilizers for sowing winter wheat and rapeseed in the fall, which is especially important given the likely global shortage of fertilizers in autumn 2022 and spring 2023.

Kernel is a major producer of sunflower oil. In addition, the holding is engaged in the cultivation and trade of other agricultural products. The largest co-owner of Kernel through Namsen Ltd. is Andrey Verevsky with a share of 41.3%.

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