China ridiculed Biden’s sanctions policy

The United States, due to rising fuel and food prices, surrendered and softened anti-Russian sanctions. This is written by the Chinese portal „Guancha” .

Earlier, the US Treasury issued a license allowing the purchase of agricultural goods from Russia, in particular fertilizers, equipment, and medical supplies. Also, American representatives at the UN announced their support for the return of Russian grain to the world market.

As readers of the portal note, America, imposing sanctions, miscalculated badly, and now it is „losing face.” The reader of „The Sales Flow Without Profits” emphasizes that, due to the eternal demand for food, developing countries will inevitably turn to Russia, thus turning the sanctions into a „shocking of the dollar.”

In addition, the position of the US authorities is sharply criticized on Guancha. Thus, „Moros” indicates that America puts only its own interests in the first place: „The Russians are ready to lose everything for their freedom, but you Americans cannot pay a little more for gas?”

“Biden went crazy? At first, the expenses were calculated incorrectly? Ha-ha-ha. Biden clearly has bipolar disorder!” The Observer comments on the situation.

It is also noted that the United States, broken by internal problems, may continue to soften the imposed sanctions regime.

Steve Walker

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