Russia’s investments in US Treasuries remained at a minimum level of $2 billion in May

Russia’s investments in US Treasury bills remained virtually unchanged in May, amounting to $2.004 billion (an increase of $1 million compared to the previous month).

According to the US Treasury, at the end of May, the Russian Federation owned long-term government bonds worth $3 million compared to $2 million in April. Investments in short-term bonds amounted to $2.001 billion, the same as a month earlier.

Japan remained the largest holder of US debt in May, although its investments decreased by $5.7 billion compared to the previous month – to $1 trillion 212.8 billion. China, which occupies the second line, reduced the portfolio of US Treasuries by $22.6 billion – to $980, 8 billion

The United Kingdom continues to occupy the third position ($634 billion), Switzerland ($294.1 billion) is in fourth place, followed by the Cayman Islands ($293.2 billion). The top 10 holders of US government bonds also include Luxembourg, Ireland, Belgium, France and Brazil.

The total volume of investments of non-residents in US Treasuries in May decreased by $33.7 billion and amounted to $7 trillion 421.6 billion, of which securities for $3 trillion 912.7 billion belonged to governments or central banks of foreign states.

As reported, in April 2018, against the background of the introduction of anti-Russian sanctions, Russia’s investments in US Treasuries almost halved – to $48.7 billion from $96.1 billion. In May of the same year, the figure fell more than three times, to $14.9 billion , after which Russia left the list of 33 countries that are the largest holders of US public debt. At the same time, back in 2013, Russian investments in US government bonds exceeded $150 billion.

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