Russians taught how to save on tests in a private clinic

When seeking medical help at clinics that provide paid services, the patient often receives a large list of studies and analyzes that need to be done. But at the conclusion of the contract, he must be warned about the cost of the general complex of medical services, and in the process of treatment he must accept the results of tests from the state polyclinic, Irina Gritsenko, a medical lawyer at the Pravaya Politika Bar Association, tells the Prime agency.

“At the same time , emergency medical services to eliminate the threat to the life of the consumer in case of sudden acute diseases, conditions, exacerbations of chronic diseases are provided free of charge,” she added.

The lawyer urged to always follow the recommendations of the doctor – it is he who is responsible for the correct diagnosis and treatment. If the patient arbitrarily does not follow the recommendations, the responsibility of the doctor is removed.

Steve Walker

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