Purchasing power: „we stayed within the budget envelope”, rejoices Le Maire

A few hours after the adoption at first reading of the draft amending budget, the Minister of Finance Bruno Le Maire welcomed on Wednesday that the debates in the Assembly had made it possible to „stay within the budget envelope” initially planned by the government. .

„We had a package of 20 billion euros” of support measures in the face of high inflation, recalled on France Inter the number 2 of the government, which only has a relative majority in the Palais-Bourbon.

„We have exceeded the envelope of 350 million euros,” he said. An additional cost slightly undervalued by the minister, and which is attributable to the aid granted to households heating with fuel oil (230 M EUR) and to communities (150 M EUR), detailed Bercy to AFP.

In total, the envelope granted to communities even reaches 300 million euros, between aid to municipalities in difficulty and compensation for the departments of the revaluation of the RSA, but the government ensures that it had already planned to integrate the half of this increase in the text discussed in the Assembly.

Consequently, „we have remained within the budget envelope”, concluded Bruno Le Maire.

Steve Walker

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