Producers of plant products are asked to include them in the strategy for the development of the agro-industrial complex

The Union of Plant-Based Producers (SPPRO) asked the government to support the business initiative and include the industry in the „Strategy for the development of the agro-industrial and fishery complex of the Russian Federation for the period up to 2030.”

Interfax was told in the union that it is proposed to allocate a separate direction in the strategy – „plant-based products” in order to stimulate the development of the industry on the basis of long-term planning.

The demand for innovative food products with high nutritional value is increasing every year by 20%, the number of manufacturers is growing, the market turnover exceeds 10 billion rubles with the prospect of further growth, Valeria Rodina, Executive Director of SPPRO, said through the press service. Therefore, according to her, „manufacturers have the right to separate their industry into an independent segment” and ask to reflect this in the strategy for the development of the agro-industrial complex.

The initiative of the industry association is based primarily on the principles of sustainable development and energy efficiency, through the prism of which it is proposed to approach a number of formulations of the strategy.

“Energy transition and decarbonization are becoming new business development guidelines. New financial support tools are emerging to stimulate the development of green projects, which include the plant food industry with a minimal carbon footprint,” Rodina noted. to achieve carbon neutrality and can become a powerhouse for the food industry in achieving sustainable development goals.”

SPPRO recently predicted that in the next five years, plant-based food could become a consumer commodity in the country. The market will grow not only due to an increase in the number of vegans or vegetarians, but those consumers who are willing to reduce the consumption of animal products and expand their range through the „green box” – plant-based products.

According to the union, in 2021 the turnover of the Russian market of vegetable milk amounted to more than 5.5 billion rubles, vegetable meat – 4 billion rubles. Currently, about 40 enterprises specializing in the production of plant-based milk, meat, cheese and fish operate on the Russian market.

The Union of Producers of Plant Based Products was established in Russia in 2021.

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