Foreigners left the board of directors of Uralchimplast

Three foreigners on the board of directors of PJSC Uralchimplast (a major Russian producer of synthetic resins) resigned ahead of schedule, follows from the company’s announcement.

These are representatives of the main shareholder of the enterprise – the Austrian UCP Chemicals AG. These are UCP Supervisory Board member Thomas Bogdanovich, Chairman of the Board Wieser Norbert and CFO Schiller Herbert. Bogdanovich and Norbert occupied positions on the board of directors of Uralchimplast for several years, and Herbert for less than 1 year. At the annual meeting in April of this year, all three were re-elected to their posts.

As Interfax was told in the press service of the enterprise, personnel changes in the council took place „in the framework of all-Russian trends.”

„The company is currently focused on development within Russia. In this regard, the knowledge and skills of specialists whose competencies are related to domestic markets are needed,” said a PJSC representative.

According to him, Elena Tynyanskikh, Commercial Director of PJSC Uralchimplast, and Mikhail Bedrik, Director General of LLC „Uralchimplast – Huttenes Albertus” (a division of the group for the production of products for the foundry industry) Evgeny Bekhtgold.

PJSC „Uralchimplast” specializes in the production of synthetic resins and plastics, plasticizers, structural and special plastics, PVC compounds and compounds based on them, consumer goods. Production facilities are located in Nizhny Tagil (Sverdlovsk region). UCP Chemicals AG owned 96.68% of the company’s shares at the end of June 2022, according to its list of affiliates.

UCP Chemicals is the holding company of the Uralchimplast group. The ultimate beneficiaries of UCP Chemicals are the former CEO of Uralchimplast PJSC Alexander Gerdt (40.86% of shares) and Bogdanovich (38.28%), according to the PJSC’s 2021 financial statements.

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